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Welcome to Ro’s Slap Pack, for intermediates and experienced players. 


NAIL THE SLAP! This slap pack focusses on the right hand slap-flick technique mainly used in acoustic chord melodies. It's structured to gradually introduce the slap-flick (aka slap melody) technique by practicing the isolated flick technique, isolated slap, then combining the slap-flick.  


What’s inside:


  • 10 Flicking Exercises
  • 4 Simple Slap Introduction Exercises
  • 13 Slap-Flick Exercises
  • More Optional Exercises (Guitar Pro file and PDF with 30 exercises covering dead slaps, bass slaps, left hand slaps, and more slap-flicking).


In each folder:


  • PDF
  • MP4
  • Guitar Pro files


It’s recommended that you’ve learned some fingerpicking prior to taking on this slap technique pack, such as the ‘fingerpicking pack’.

Ro's Slap Pack

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