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Guthrie Govan Guitar Licks Lesson: Awesome & Melodic Licks To Impress

Guthrie Govan Guitar Licks Lesson: Awesome & Melodic Licks To Impress

Guthrie Govan Guitar Licks Lesson: 4 Awesome & Melodic Lead lines! In this tutorial I teach four improvised Govan lines, very vocal and fluid with double bends, compound bends, legato, vibrato, chromatics, hammer on bends and some bonus tips leaving you with some tasty Licks To Impress! The fact that these were created on the fly, just goes to show how much of a mastery of the instrument the man has. Not only in terms of technical ability but in terms of general musicality, creativity and ideas. if you get the chance to see him live, I highly recommend it, hi effortless playing is like nothing else I've ever seen; truly a jack of all trades, master of all! *♫ Products I Use ♫* ► Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Power Supply ► Strings: 3 x Packs Roto Yellows (Gauge 10 Strings) ► Picks: 6 x Jim Dunlop Petrucci Jazz III Picks 6 x Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fibre Picks & Pick Tin 72 x Dunlop Tortex® Jazz III, 1.14mm Picks 12 x Jim Dunlop Jazz III, 1.14mm Picks (Quite a fan of the old Dunlop Jazz Picks!) ► Leads: Whirlwind 10 ft Straight - Instrument Cable - Whirlwind lead 18'R one straight one right angled jack - Instrument Cable - *♫ Follow Me On ♫* ★ Instagram- ★ Facebook- ★ Twitter- The newest Learn Riffs Now! video- a series where you can learn guitar riffs with tab in quick tutorials with no talking: For more quick guitar tricks check out the playlist:
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